Project introduction:

This field is located 76 kilometers, southwest of Kharg Island. The daily production of this field is 140,000 barrels of oil from near 90 wells. The oil is transferred to Kharg Island through a 24-inch pipeline.

The reconstruction in this field, ruined during the Imposed War, was the biggest reconstruction work in offshore by Iranian Contractors.

This project showed the capability of Iranian general contractors in offshore construction.

A work package contain Freespan Correction of Abpuzar  subsea pipelines  award by IOEC to  FORCE Offshore Kish , This Work package’s SOW is grout bag / cement supply and offshore grouting subcontractor .

This project contain 90 diver friendly grout bag  who need 800 tons cement type V.



Project Progress : 

1st campaign  of Grout Bags  is fabricated , new equipment is ready to operation

all stop due to financial problems.