FORCE OFFSHORE KISH  is a “Offshore Pipeline Protection and Stabilization” specialist  , it has been started his job since 2008 with development engineering team based on design and modeling freespan grout bags and test sample bags under TPA witness , in the end established  at jun 2010 and installed first grout bag the same year , at the Persian Gulf .

FORCE OFFSHORE KISH company was established as the first Iranian company that manufacture all kind of grout bag , blanket and Geo bag, Marine grouting operation , Flexible Concrete mattress construction, etc.

FORCE OFFSHORE KISH is led by a highly motivated management team and supported by skilled engineering and operation’s team , we design, manufacture and install our own range of high quality fabric formwork grout bags ,Our formworks are constructed from a flexible woven fabric which is filled with grout in-situ. All formwork designs take account of the technical aspects of installation, and depending upon the environmental necessities, can be deployed by diver or ROV.

We provide various engineering services for subsea pipeline systems supports, mainly grout bags and concrete mattresses. The services we offer include but not limited to: basic, detailed and construction designs, workshop fabrication and field installation supervision , we provide specialist grout mixing equipment together with experienced personnel for the successful installation of formworks.

Best Regards,

Managing Director

Manochehr Mostofi